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American S160 Class 2-8-0 locomotive No. 1609 upon arrival at Newport Docks, 1942

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From late 1942 American locomotives began to arrive at the Great Western's South Wales Docks, having been shipped over from America to assist allied forces both in Britain and on the Continent. In this image S160 Class 2-8-0 locomotive No. 1609 is pictured draped in the US and British flags having just arrived at Newport Docks. This was one of 800 S160 Class American engines that were dispatched from Newport to railways around the country. The vast cranes for lifting cargo from ships can be seen in the background of this image. Such was the quantity of goods being loaded and unloaded at the South Wales Docks during the latter half of the war that US forces loaned 30 ton floating cranes to the docks at Cardiff, Newport and Swansea to assist with the movement of heavy cargo

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Date: 25th February 2014

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