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STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway

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GWR Scenic Views
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Stations and Halts
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Carriages and Wagons

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Our museum is housed in a beautifully restored Grade II railway building in the heart of the former Swindon railway works.

Situated right opposite the Swindon Designer Outlet, the museum tells the story of the men and women who built, operated and travelled on the Great Western Railway, often referred to by historians and railway fans as 'God's Wonderful Railway'.

The pioneering vision and engineering genius of Isambard Kingdom Brunel led to the Great Western Railway network becoming regarded as the most advanced in the world

Fans of the Great Western Railway can show their love for the route by having canvas or framed wall art reproduced from the STEAM museum photographic collection. You can choose between photographs of rolling stock, stations and halts, GWR road vehicles, docks, the Swindon works, sports clubs and the Railway Air Services

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